About Us

eDealer Services, Inc. is a privately owned automotive technology provider offering online vehicle inventory solutions. Founded in 1999, eDealer Services' primary focus is helping automotive dealers manage their vehicle inventory data and increase online vehicle sales.

In 2000, eDealer Services formed an enterprise partnership with HomeNet, Inc. This partnership has allowed eDealer Services the capability to stay in the forefront of the automotive industry internet technology arena. This partnership has given us the capability to offer our customers an affordable internet solutions package for their inventory online requirements.

With our exceptional customer care approach, strong industry alliances, and diverse internet based programs, eDealer Services has established a loyal customer base and serves as one of the most competitive and versatile data acquisition companies in the Hampton Roads area.

Call our team today at (757) 851-5600 to schedule a personal consulting trip with your general manager, or click here to email our director of sales and marketing.